Abortion: Defending the defenseless

Guest author Erin Phillips, my dear wife, weighs in on abortion and the latest failed attempts to justify it. 

There is often a tendency in our society to call pro life advocates out, saying that they are waging a “war on women.” But perhaps the war is not against women, but for the child and future generations of women. Generally, although there are exceptions to every rule, women and men make a conscious decision to have sexual intercourse, knowing that regardless of protection or birth control that they are risking becoming pregnant. Why, then, if the woman does become pregnant should the human being inside of her reap the deadly consequences? Why is it acceptable to punish and kill a child rather than take responsibility for the decisions each one of us make? It isn’t. All of the proponents of abortion make wild claims that a fetus is not alive and therefore does not have inherent value; but if a single cell were to be found on another planet scientists would claim that life had been discovered in space. Why then do we not apply this same principle to these tiny creatures in our own society? The fact is that embryos and fetuses meet all requirements to qualify as living members of the human race. 

By 20 days after conception (read that clearly, conception not implantation), the heart is beating and pumping blood through the embryo. Abortion literally stops a beating heart, that’s not just a clichéd tag line. So have we really been convinced that this life is not truly a life? Or have we decided as a whole in our society that we would rather put our own desires and convenience ahead of the lives of children? It all boils down to convenience. If at the time of conception, the pregnancy is inconvenient or unwanted it is perfectly acceptable to eliminate it. In a few years though, the woman may be “ready” to have a child and may allow a pregnancy to continue. She has chosen one life over another. She has chosen herself and her convenience over her unborn child. 

In a recent video, Bill Nye made the comment that “nobody likes abortion.” But why not? If we truly believe that there is nothing wrong with it then why do we not like it? Nye also states that abortion is particularly acceptable if the woman doesn’t like the man. How does this argument stand? Does our society so lack self control that it justifies having sex with someone and eliminating any “problems” that may arise from the interaction? No. We have rational minds that allow us to make conscious decisions in life, including whether or not we will have sex with another person.

I know there are critics that would say that in cases of rape and incest, abortion should be permissible because the woman didn’t willingly enter into the sexual act. How does this solve the problem though? One act of violence does not beg another. Rape does not justify murder. There are alternatives and many willing adoptive parents, why does Planned Parenthood not offer such services? Perhaps it’s not as profitable as the business of abortion.

Abortion simply cannot be tolerated any longer in our society. Not only is it morally appalling, but those defending it have resorted to new lows (i.e. The recent Bill Nye video). It’s time for prolife activists to regain control of the conversation and advocate for the unborn in every stage of development!

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