Election Drama – Rediscovering the Strange Beauty of the Gospel 

This just in: Jesus loves both Clinton and Trump, folks! 

Well, duh! As Christians we are taught to love our enemies, so of course Jesus loves the two frontrunners of the 2016 election! Yeah, well, that’s not exactly what I was getting at. While in thought the other day (dangerous territory for me), I began to reflect on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the chaos that has surrounded this election season. Though, admittedly, I’m not a very political person myself, I cannot remember any time in recent political history quite like what we are witnessing now. It seems like no hit is too low and anything goes when it comes to mud slinging. So, what on earth does this have to do with Jesus Christ? Absolutely everything! You see, both candidates share something in common, despite their major differences in opinion: they are infinitely loved by God. 
Now, before you ready your rotten tomatoes, let me flesh out what I mean. I’m not saying that every position each candidate holds comes with divine approval. Far from it! In fact, speaking candidly, I cannot see myself voting for either candidate come this fall. What I am saying, however, is that it is worth it for us to reflect on how the God of the universe sees these candidates and other members of their respective parties. As he did for you and me, Jesus suffered and died for that presidential candidate which you cannot stand! He loves him or her and desires a relationship with them. Isn’t that incredible? 

I know my words are not groundbreaking, and they are certainly not new. How strange God’s love is that he would deign to love us in spite of our imperfections. In fact, if there is one positive thing that can be drawn from this election season drama, it is the rediscovery of just how radical the kerygma (gospel) is. God came down from Heaven to live alongside, put up with, and DIE for people like us! How bizarre and yet how wonderful is our God’s love and mercy towards us. 

 Listen, I am just as sick of this political nonsense as you are, and I’m more than ready for a break. Until then, what if the next time you watch these candidates hurl insults at one another–after you stop squirming in your seat that is–you try looking at each one as a creation of God, made in his image, and loved infinitely? It might not change the way you feel politically, but it may prompt you to to pause and reasses things; it did for me anyway. 

So, to recap, do you have to agree with these folks? Absolutely not! Do you have to love them? Well, I’ll let you wrestle with that one right alongside of me. 
Peace be with you!


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