Catholic Stuff: Eucharistic Adoration

Our Blessed Lord at the Cathedral of Christ the King’s adoration chapel. 

One of the most peculiar teachings that the Catholic Church espouses is that of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Put simply, Catholics believe that Jesus, the Son of God, ACTUALLY becomes present in the bread and wine of communion during each mass. More on the Real Presence can be found in a previous post here. Because of this, Catholics make it a habit of worshiping the Eucharist. That’s right, what the uninitiated might see as gross idolatry, Catholics consider to be right worship of our Lord and Savior.

Because of the Church’s understanding of the Eucharist, many churches host evenings of Eucharistic Adoration, and some have perpetual adoration chapels. These venues are often open to all and provide a silent place of prayer and reflection. Speaking from experience, I have found that the time spent before our Lord in the Eucharist is unlike any other (outside of mass). Where else can you physically commune so closely with God? 

As a convert, Eucharistic Adoration took some getting used to. I had absolutely NO frame of reference for this phenomenon as a Baptist youth. Listening to sermons, participating in worship, and prayer time had been the closest I had come to communing deeply with God. Once I had seen the historical and Biblical evidence for the Real Presence, however, I began to see adoration for what it really was: Jesus’ continued presence among His people. 

Whether or not you’re Catholic, whether or not you believe what the Church teaches, I would encourage you to take your place at the foot of the Master during Eucharistic Adoration. Our Lord awaits you there. 

Peace be with you! 


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