Be Quiet and Listen: Fr. Mike Schmitz and Silence 

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I suffer from noise pollution overload! Between the music, podcasts, and  YouTube videos, there always seems to be some form of distraction which either holds my attention or plays in the background. I especially noticed this the other day while folding laundry. I had a podcast playing, and after a while, I realized that I couldn’t make out what the person had been saying. The podcast was essentially white noise! What’s the problem with good ole silence? 

Fr. Mike Schmitz in his video about silence (shown here) hits the nail on the head. “Silence is a great magnifier” says Fr. Schmitz, and boy do I know that’s true. I would much rather cloud my thoughts with noise than deal with the sin or anxieties that I pack around with me daily. Can you relate? When is there last time you sat quietly with the Lord? I spend a holy hour before the Eucharist each week (more on adoration here). Often, I find myself fidgeting with my phone, reading a book, or fighting sleep. Sitting there silently and attentively before the Lord can be difficult. But, as Fr. Mike mentions in his video, I gotta keep it up! For it is only in silence that we can clearly discern the voice of the Lord.

So, let’s shut off the 24 hour news feed, bring down the tunes and find some time to be silent. If you have found a particular practice that helps in this regard, feel free to share in the comments. Until next time….shhh! 



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