What’s a BaptiCatholic?

Today I am throwing back to one of my first vlogs in preparation for the new year. I hope to be producing, with God’s help, more videos about the Catholic faith in 2018. Until then, please enjoy and share “What’s a BaptiCatholic?” God bless and Merry Christmas!

Commemorating “Reformation” 

“Luther” courtesy pixabay.com The Catholic-Protestant divide has gotten a lot of attention this year, as the 500th anniversary of the so-called protestant reformation will be commemorated in just a few short days. That’s right, 500 years of Protestants dissing Catholics for their Mary obsession and 500 years of Catholics berating Protestants for their “Popelessness.” While … More Commemorating “Reformation” 

In the Shadow of Giants: The Communion of Saints

“St. Teresa of Calcutta” courtesy of pixabay.com In the Apostles Creed we recite that we believe in the “communion of saints.” As a young Baptist lad, the only time I heard any discussion about saints was in reference to faithful Christians on Earth (see Philippians  1:1). You could say converting to Catholicism has not only … More In the Shadow of Giants: The Communion of Saints