What’s a BaptiCatholic?

Today I am throwing back to one of my first vlogs in preparation for the new year. I hope to be producing, with God’s help, more videos about the Catholic faith in 2018. Until then, please enjoy and share “What’s a BaptiCatholic?” God bless and Merry Christmas! Advertisements

Commemorating “Reformation” 

“Luther” courtesy pixabay.com The Catholic-Protestant divide has gotten a lot of attention this year, as the 500th anniversary of the so-called protestant reformation will be commemorated in just a few short days. That’s right, 500 years of Protestants dissing Catholics for their Mary obsession and 500 years of Catholics berating Protestants for their “Popelessness.” While … More Commemorating “Reformation” 

In the Shadow of Giants: The Communion of Saints

“St. Teresa of Calcutta” courtesy of pixabay.com In the Apostles Creed we recite that we believe in the “communion of saints.” As a young Baptist lad, the only time I heard any discussion about saints was in reference to faithful Christians on Earth (see Philippians  1:1). You could say converting to Catholicism has not only … More In the Shadow of Giants: The Communion of Saints

“¡Los santos no te oyen!”

Imagen de pixabay.com Una de las objeciones más comunes que reciben los católicos de nuestros hermanos Protestantes es que la iglesia católica ha convertido a Los Santos en ídolos.  “¿Por qué rezas a María?” Nos preguntan. “San Antonio no te oye y no te ayudará.” Algunos nos consejan: “Los santos no pueden, ni quieren escuchar tus oraciones. … More “¡Los santos no te oyen!”